At Paquette Orthodontics, your initial, complimentary consultation is a great opportunity to explore the most advanced treatment options available – because Dr. Paquette is all about offering the latest and best approaches.

Dr. Paquette is:

  • One of the only doctors in the world chosen to serve on the Invisalign Clinical Advisory Board
  • International lecturer on Carriere SLX Treatment and Clear Aligner Treatment
  • Pioneer in the orthodontic treatment of sleep disordered breathing
  • Ground-breaking doctor in accelerated orthodontics

Incredible Treatment Options

With the Carriere SLX System treatment is comfortable and requires fewer office visits, but what really sets this approach apart is something called passive self ligation.

SLX Smile treatment:

  • lighter forces
  • broad, wide smiles
  • no need for headgear
  • no unnecessary tooth extractions
  • faster treatment
  • incredible results
Now you can advance your smile and finish treatment even faster with Acceledent. Tooth movement is stimulated with gentle vibration.

Straighten your teeth without braces with Carriere SLX Clear Aligners. SLX Aligners are state-of-the-art and offer a virtually invisible treatment approach that lets you eat and drink whatever you want and straightens your teeth without letting the world know you're in treatment.

Dr. Paquette instructs the world's leading doctors on this revolutionary treatment option. If you were thinking about Invisalign treatment, be sure to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Paquette to find out about Carriere SLX Clear Aligners.

A great option for teens too.

Sleep Disordered Breathing

You may not know it, but sleep disordered breathing afflicts a huge number of children. Often, children diagnosed with attention deficit disorder are actually suffering from a sleep disorder.

Whether you're already a patient or you're getting in touch with us for the first time, be sure to ask
about our complimentary sleep screening.

The path to a longer, healthier life begins with proper diagnosis and treatment.