All of the photos in our website are actual patients of Dr. Paquette. Their smiling faces are just a sampling of the thousands of smiles we’ve helped to create since he first started his orthodontic practice in 1989.

As you advance down this page you can explore some dramatic smile transformations, learn a few of the things that make a Dr. Paquette Smile so special, hear from patients who have had treatment here and even nominate someone for free orthodontic treatment through Dr. Paquette’s non-profit organization, Smile for a Lifetime.

A Smile As Unique As Your Fingerprint

Many orthodontists use the same approach and tools that have been around for decades, but Dr. Paquette is leading the way with a completely customized approach where no two brackets are exactly alike. Since every tooth has its own unique features, each bracket is custom made to fit the unique structure of your teeth. The smiles Dr. Paquette designs can improve the look of your entire face today and as you age.

His treatment approach includes how your unique facial features will work together to create a smile as individual as you, including:

  • Teeth
  • Smile arch
  • Profile
  • Nose, and
  • Facial symmetry

It truly is advanced - and completely personalized.

Paquette Patient Video Gallery






Click on any of the photos on the left to view a short video. The patients featured in these videos are all patients of Dr. Paquette. They were not compensated for sharing their stories.

Smile for a Lifetime's mission is to create self confidence, inspire hope, and change the lives of underserved children in a dramatic way. The gift of a smile can do all this for a deserving individual who, in turn, cause this gift to better themselves and the Lake Norman Community.

Click HERE for more information or to nominate someone for an orthodontic scholarship.