It makes me feel confident knowing Dr. Paquette trains doctors all over the world.
I love my new smile – and I loved being your patient.You guys are like family.
I couldn’t believe how different your diagnosis and treatment was. I’m so glad we chose you.

Dr. Paquette is passionate about advancing the art and science of orthodontics. He has published numerous articles and lectures internationally - teaching orthodontists how to get great results with Invisalign and Carriere SLX.

He brings the same passion and expertise to each patient experience and is known for his laid-back, easy-going style.

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Dr. Michelle Allar shares Dr. Paquette’s passion for advancing the art and science of orthodontics and has made a great addition to our practice. She is also passionate about the finer aspects of a beautiful smile and brings a finely tuned esthetic eye to every smile she helps to create.

Dr. Allar is known for her ability to help patients see the potential in their smiles and to help them achieve that potential.

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Our Team. Your Team.

One of the things that makes Paquette Orthodontics so special is the way every member of our team feels about each other - and our patients. For us, it’s like family...but in this family everyone gets along. The average time our team members have been on staff is about 8 years...with some coming up on twenty years.

  • Hannah

  • Rita

  • Lauren

  • Tara

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