Meet Ms. Rita

This week we’d like to highlight Rita, our scheduling coordinator, and let you learn a little more about her. We asked Rita a few questions and here’s what she had to say:

Q - Is this your first experience in orthodontics?
A - Yes, it is, and I just love it. I love to know that we make a big change for someone by creating a beautiful smile for them.

Q - What’s the best part of your particular role in the practice?
A - My favorite part is that I get to interact with the people. It’s not always easy trying to fit orthodontics into everybody’s schedules, but after learning about what goes on in the clinical area, I try to be mindful of how the schedule impacts the work flow of the team in the back. If things are really busy and someone needs to be seen, I always talk to the assistants to make sure we can fit them in and still have a positive experience for all the patients. And Dr. Paquette is always willing to stay late or come in to see someone for an emergency. He’s kind like that and really cares about his patients.

Q - You mentioned that you attended some continuing education courses?
A - Yes, besides the meetings we have in the office for training, I am so excited that I have the opportunity to attend some large continuing education meetings. Even though I’m older than the others on the team, I think you’re never too old to learn something new! It helps me do a better job, and I really enjoy the girls I work with, so it’s fun.

Q - How does what you’ve done before influence your work at Paquette Orthodontics?
A - I’ve work in other fields outside of orthodontics and owned a business with my husband, so I know how tough it is to be an employer, so I really appreciate Dr. Paquette. He’s the best boss I’ve ever had; he’s so caring and knowledgeable and that comes through with his patients and with us. As a mother and grandparent of 5, I always want the best for my family, and I would tell anyone, Come to Dr. Paquette; you’ll see how special he is. My daughter is bringing her child here for treatment and I am so happy about that, knowing the advanced level of treatment that he’s getting, the advantages of all the technology that Dr. Paquette uses, the great team and oh, did I tell you how wonderful I think Dr. Paquette is?? I know that the results will be amazing and that’s something that changes your life forever.